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About Crazy Metro:

Crazy Metro is about 5 guys living a apartment experiencing lifes ups and dows and common crazy things in life.

The Author wants to share his world and tries to connect with the reader's experience in their lives. For example, how many of the readers experienced cheating in class? So the story would be "Different Exam strategies" then each panel shows the different styles of cheating, thus ofcourse the output and some possible reactions.

The 5 leading male characters are suited in different scenarios. You got your typical brother like, a trouble maker, an pesimist, a neutral and a gym guy.

Special Guest Characters may appear as the Author's friends on certain story. If the story is about Harry Potter movie, The OWWLS Club will make their appearance.

Appearances are based from people online, a Panda will currently appear on the strip and watch out for troublesome lil Zhu on future stories.

Some characters are real, some are fictional, but who cares, they're all attractive in some sort of way, enjoy the comic.

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Programs I've Used:

Easy Paint Tool SAI for drafts, great for outlines, rendering and final touches.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 for panels, additional effects, draft and rendering, finishing touches, adding Text (because Easy Paint tool Sai doesnt support text) Web designing elements. File converter, color corrections and editings.

Dreamwaever CS3 for web desiging, layouting, (but you must be online to see some effect or commands at work) a very easy program to do HTML and beyond web designing purpose.

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Note: My current Email Im using is Google Mail. Both MSN and Yahoo mail are not that active, and I dont use much, but I use MSN to chat. :D