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Act 04: The Cab

posted January 2nd, 2011, 4:28 am

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January 2nd, 2011, 4:53 am


Before the party, I was planning to take the taxi to the venue, but as usual, as the Christmas is nearing, Taxi drivers are getting picky. They dont like to take long distance drives and they avoid traffic and other reasons taxi drivers only know.

Some accepts you to take to your destination but suddenly they contracted you to add extra on the amount on the meter. Also, some wants to agree on a specific price then starts complaining about their wages and about their family needs.

Yeah I get that, but why you have to be so picky if you need extras, Its "money or nothing", they'd like to take commuters somewhere super near, and if they dont know the directions you're going they'd still go "add up the meter and point the direction"...

Some drivers even have the nerves to say "Are we there yet?" then complains "You said it wouldnt be that far, you said its just right around the corner"...

Well if it is near, why the hell would we be riding a cab? we could've just walked right? Some cabs doesnt even have AC but I dont complain, sometimes, the driver himself cough like he's about to die, but I never complain...

These Drivers attitude must be reported, not only they charge you extras or contracts the fare but they also have this rude attitude.

I couldn't advice to take Cabs on malls, coz they suddenly still ask you to add up, so its a "no choice situation" unless you want to be dropped off half way. Like me and my sister did.

It was raining, and we agreed to go home from school taking a taxi. The Driver keeps complaining, "is it far?" So I said a bit, but not far as (state location). So the driver agreed, as we got close to home, there was a small accident along the way, causing traffic, the driver suddenly yelled "SHIT! TRAFFIC" I wanted to hit his face that time, he's making me feel like its my fault, so I asked him to just turn around and take the other route and I'll just pay how much the meter cost. but he said "Its far". and he told us to pay him right on spot. then he turned around and left me and my sister... good thing its not raining hard or we'll be really wet, esp. I had my laptop with me that time. so we walked home, mad, tired and a bit wet.

So, I guess if the driver contracted you and doesn't base on the meter, you should just politely pull off or make an excuse, pay what ever the meter says, and look for another cab. And, if ever it your first time going to a certain location, dont take the cab, they'll just go around and around just to make the meter fare go high.

What are your tips when you stumble upon a picky taxi?

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June 21st, 2018, 2:40 pm


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