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Bonus: Transformation

posted 31 Jul 2010 07:52 am

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31 Jul 2010 08:03 am


Yeah, the half a minute or a minute transformation... it seems that Sailor Moon transformations takes so long... esp. when all of the Sailor Senshi's transfrom, 8 of them takes about 3 min? or 4min?

Plus their power scenes... XD

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22 Dec 2014 11:07 pm


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08 Aug 2010 02:09 am



And Angels won't give a slack about "transforming", seriously. It attacked Shinji BEFORE he's ready into action XD

No, you couldn't fool me, i know it's from EVANGELION XD

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09 Aug 2010 06:46 pm



Hahahaha... Youre the 1st one to notice that the monster is an Angel from Evangelion hahaha... Inspired from a pic I saw before... XD

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24 Aug 2010 10:08 pm


I'd rather use one of those 'transformable' Gundams (Zeta, Wing, Arios, etc...) to cap that murdafrappa off (They take only a few seconds to transform, unlike those pansy-arse sissies... )

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15 Sep 2010 07:20 am


I always wondered about that. Like, does time stop when they transform or what? XD

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