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December 5th, 2010, 1:13 am



So far I guess with all the Cameos I've made are
- Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao (Cosplay Queen)
- IJustine (YouTuber)
- Sharehann (High School Classmate)
- Coffee Mate couples
- Rioan
- From Callous : Sir Carlo Jose San Juan (himself), Rianne, Cal, Gray and Audrey
- From One Floor Up : Diwa
- Zhu CrimsonBlood (Artist)
- Robert Cross

I like doing Cameos, its like expanding possible episodes, esp. if a cross over between other Comics such as Callous and One Floor up :D Future Comic Cross overs are "Anak ng tupang itim" (google translates as "Son of black sheep") and a comic I just bought Food Court a short story :), also I might include Meaningful momento and Bitter Coffee dunno they'll appear, but Club Love appearance is planned on February, perfect for valentines :)...

In planning for these Comic Crossover appearances, I admit that its quite difficult... coz you dont know the characters yet. I was also careful on not changing the original story. Like Callous Comics, where I made JV saw Cal... it took me awhile on thinking of how to undo this trouble. Thank god that theres a Callous Character that saved both comic story, "Audrey".

I honestly dont like reading too much fantasy, drama or historic type of comic. I enjoy reading mix themes, but more on comedy side :) Well, I hope to meet more Comic artist both

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